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Bulgarian Taekwon-do Organizations

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Bulgarian Taekwon-do Federation I.T.F.
Bulgarian Taekwon-do Federation I.T.F.At the end of 1985 Master Kim Ung Chol from North Korea came to Bulgaria. He was the first Taekwon-do ITF master to visit our country and he established the foundations of this martial art in Bulgaria. His first visit was short, but he left in Bulgaria keen pupils and faithful followers. On their demand in 1988 the National Sports Academy (IPC "G. Dimitrov" then) invited officially Master Kim Ung Chol to visit Bulgaria again. The aims of this stay were the establishment of Bulgarian Taekwon-do Federation (BTF - ITF), formation and training of Bulgarian National Team for participation in international competitions and differentiation of Taekwon-do subject in the NSA (The Master became the first teacher in the NSA). The mission was successful and in 1990 BTF - ITF was established. In the same year Bulgarian national team participated in the World Championship in Canada.

for contacts:Mario Bogdanov - president of BTF
5, Dimitar Talev Street, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
Phones: +359 73 33480, mobile +359 88 803480

Krasimir Gerginov - vice president of BTF,
mobile +359 88 420 838,
2, Dragan Tzankov blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria

David Petrov- executive director of BTF
mobile +359 073 33480
5, Dimitar Talev Street, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Bulgarian federation of Kick-boxing and Martial Arts
Bulgarian Kick-boxing federation

for contacts:9000 Varna, 6 Rayko Bluskiv str, PO BOX 480.
Phones: (00359 52) 644 308; Fax: (00359 52) 644 308

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