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Football Club Cherno More Varna

FC Ticha
March the 3rd, 1913- Varna's academy for men becomes the birth place of organized football in the country. Here is created "Galata" association, which later on, by the suggestion of a techer named Karel Shkorpil, chenges its name to "Reka Ticha"- which was the former name of the "Kamchia" river.

Over the next year it combines with "Sportist" and grows to association of the education, sport and tourism "Reka Ticha".
The football team dominates all others in the city, whose existence is quite short. The first international game of "Ticha" in 1915 with 21th Pomeranski polk is a success, and during 1917, so is the first inter-city match.

FC Vladislav
On 3th of April 1916 in Varna, is founded an association called "Napred" where the main discipline is football. A year after it recieves the name of "Razvitie", but since at that time ther was already another association with that name, it changes it to "Granit". For a while, "Granit" is a collective member ot "Ticha". The football team recieves its official outfit: green shirts and white shorts. Later on, a clover will be placed on the the shirts as an emblem. In 1st of May, 1921, "Granit" decides to give up it collective membership andchanges its name to "Vladislav" Sports Club. This football team has plenty of gifted players, that have big expextations and aim high. Already in 1923 the name of "Vladislav" becomes popular throughout the country with it's first game on foreign land. "Victoria" (Kiustendja) fall down wnen "Vladislav"-ians easily score 2 goals.

Union of Ticha and Vladislav
It becomes reality in 1945. Both "Ticha" and "Vladislav" sport clubs decide to combine forces in order to bring back the glory of Varna football. The new association is called "Ticha-Vladislav-45". In 1947, a new union with "Primorets" leads to the new name of "TVP". During the next year, "TVP" goes over to the military, and once again changes its name to "Botev" History
Cherno More Varna

  • 1913 Founded as Ticha Varna
  • 1945 Fusioned with SC Vladislav Varna to TV-45 Varna
  • 1946 Renamed to TVP Varna
  • 1948 Renamed to Botev Varna
  • 1949 Renamed to Botev Stalin
  • 1950 Renamed to VUS Stalin
  • 1956 Renamed to VUS Varna
  • 1956 Renamed to SKNA Varna
  • 1959 Renamed to VUS Varna
  • 1969 Fusion mit SD Cherno More Varna + Akademik Varna to SAFD Cherno More Varna
  • 1993 Renamed to FC Cherno More Varna

    Quick Facts

    established: 1913
    stadium: "Ticha" - Varna (capacitet 12000)
    equipment colors:green and white
    honours (to 2004):Shampion of Bulgaria 4 times (1925, 1926, 1934, 1938)

    Greatest playaers

  • Ivan Naydenov (Naydenkata)
  • Vladimir Chakurov
  • Atanas Avramov
  • Stoyan Ormandjiev
  • Nedko Nedev
  • Stefan Bogomilov

    Nikola Vaptzarov Street 9, 9000 Varna
    Tel.: (359 52) 30 22 43; Fax: (359 52) 30 22 43

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