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Football club Litex Lovech

Litex Lovech

  • 1923 Founded FC Hissarya
  • 1923 Fusion of FC Kirkov and FC Pobeda to FC PK-29
  • 1931 Founded SC Levski
  • 1935 Fusion of SC Levski to FC PK-29
  • 1957 Founded DFS Hristo Kurpachev
  • 1979 DFS Hristo Kurpachev Renamed at DFS Osam Lovetch
  • 1991 Renamed at Leks Lovetch
  • 1999 Renamed at FC Lovetch
  • 2002 Renamed at PFC Litex Lovetch

    PFC Litex was found in 1921, and over the years had more than 20 different names. Football was first introduced in the small crafts and agriculture dominated town of Lovech shortly after World War I. The first football club under the name Hisarya was found in May 1921. Subsequently the club was reorganized and renamed several times; in 1962 the club entered the Second Division and played there continuously for 31 years. In 1994 the club won the right to play in the Bulgarian Premier League, but after only two seasons there it slipped back to the Second Division due to financial difficulties.

    Grisha Ganchev, CEO of Litex Commerce and graduate from the Lovech sports-oriented secondary school came to the rescue and helped PFC Litex achieve its greatest success. Litex won the National Championship in 1997/98, immediately after getting back in the Premier League and broke the reign of the Levski and CSKA, the two major title contenders from Sofia. Litex managed to outplay the teams from Sofia and won the National Championship again in the following season. PFC Litex became a major factor on the Bulgarian football scene, and acquired many Bulgarian and foreign national team players. The team from Lovech also entered the international scene, and competed in the UEFA Championship League and in the UEFA Cup.

    In 2001 and 2004 Litex won the Cup of Bulgaria. The team has become a paragon of professionalism and progress, and managed to complete a large number of transfers to other European clubs. Litex and CSKA had transferred most football players to foreign clubs over the last few years that any other Bulgarian teams.

    PFC Lovech is the only Bulgarian club who succeeded to transfer two players in the English Premiership; in addition, the team has transferred players to major teams in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal.

    Quick Facts

    stadium: "City stadium" - Lovech (capacitet 6500)
    team colors:orange and black
    honours (to 2004):Shampion of Bulgaria 2 times (1998, 1999)

    Greatest playaers

  • Petur Hubchev
  • Boncho Genchev
  • Zoran Yankovich
  • Zdravko Zdravkov
  • Ivailo Petkov

    Targovska Street 12, 5500 Lovetch, Bulgaria
    Tel.: (359 68) 2 00 12; 2-90-91; Fax: (359 68) 2 00 12

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