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Football club Spartak Varna

FC Spatak Varna

F.C.Spartak Varna was founded on 28.08.1918 by a group of young people whichwere playing football together for two years.On the estblishment meeting was decidedthe name of the club to be "Sokol"/Falcon/.

On 30.01.1924 "Bulgarski Sokol" merge with sport club "Shipka",/Shipka is a peak with historical meaning to all Bulgarians/and the club takes the name"Shipchenski Sokol"/Shipka's Falcon/.

On 18.09. 1932 in front of 10 000 audience on the football field of AS-23the falcons win with 2:1 and became State Champion and Winner of the Cup of the King.

In 1945 the club merge with other two Varna's football clubs "Levski" and "Radetski".The unite of the tree clubs is on 18.10.1945,and is accepted the name of the clubto be SPARTAK.

In 1969 another sport club merges Spartak-it was the "Locomotive"sport club.The merge becamea fact on 06.03.1969 and the club takes the name "JSK-Spartak"

Since 1985 the football is separated from the other sports in JSK-Spartak,and that way the FC Spartak Varna is differentiated as well.

Quick Facts

established: 28.08.1918
stadium: "Spartak" - Varna (capacitet 12000)
team colors:blue-white
achievements (to 2004):Shampion of Bulgaria 1932

Greatest playaers

  • Georgi Arnaudov
  • Stefan Naydenov
  • Jivko Gospodinov

    #39, "Seliolu"street , 9000 Varna
    Tel.: 359 52 245 020, 359 52 237 541, 359 52 225 780, 359 52245 020;