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Bulgarian Sumo

The Bulgarian Sumo Federation (BSF) was established in 1995 and since then its President- associate professor Nikolay Dimitrov and the Executive director - Mrs. Liliana Kaneva run it successfully. The Federation is licensed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Youth and Sports and is recognized by the Bulgarian National Olympic Committee.

The first National Sumo Championships took place in August 1995. Up to the moment eleven Open National Sumo Championships for men, women, juniors and cadets are held. The three International Sumo Tournaments "VARNA CUP" complement this impressive amount.

The big star of Bulgarian sumo nowadays is Kotooshu.Bulgarian Sumo Federation

For Contacts:
1040, Sofia, "Vasil Levski" Blvd ยน 75
tel:++3592 986 17 02 ,++3592 930 06 32, fax:++3592 981 57 28

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