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Armen Nazaryan

(wrestler - greco-roman)

Armen NazaryanBiography:
Armen Nazaryan was born 1974 in Erevan (Armenia).
Hi is gold medalist for Armenia from Olympic games 1996 (Atlanta) in category to 52kg. Four years later he become olympic champion in 58kg (Sidney '2000) like a bulgarian wrestler after leaving his homeland. In Athens 2004 Armen wins bronze medal in category to 60kg.
Nazaryan initially wanted to compete for France, but the French said they didn't have the money to take him. He chose Bulgaria partly because his girlfriend lived there, but mainly because of an offer from the Slavja Litex wrestling club, where six of the eight members of the 1999 Worlds team trained.
At last to this time world championship (2005) in wrestling at Budapest Armen Nazaryan swept gold medal in Graeco-Roman style (60 kg).

Quick facts:

Current clubLitex, Lovech
Birthdate March 9, 1974
Birthplace Yerevan, Armenia
Height 5'3" / 160 cm
Weight 59 kgs
Residence Sofia, Bulgaria

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