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Valentin Jordanov

(wrestler - free style)Valentin Jordanov in action

He starts going in for wrestling in his native village at the age of 10. Georgi Achev - his trainer since the year 1970 till 1978 when he completed studies at the sport school in Ruse - introduces him in the delicate technique of wrestling. He does his military service at the sport school of the CSKA club where he is trained from 1978 till 1980, under the guidance of Yancho Patrikov. He continues to serve at re-engagement, at the CSKA club, till 1990.In 1990 he goes to the USA but he continues competing for Bulgaria, on behalf of the wrestling club "Slavia-Litex" till the year 1996Seven times he is a world champion and seven times European. Repeated silver and bronze medal winner at different European, World and Olympic championships.

Being a wrestler for 18 years in the category up to 52 kg - from 685 competition events he won 673.

He terminates his sport carrier at the age of 36 after winning - at the Olympic Games in Atlanta '96 - an Olympic Champion title.Since 1997 he is a member of the Athletes' Commission of FILA.In 1998 he is elected President of the Bulgarian Wrestling Federation and in 2002 he is re-elected - till the year 2007In the year 2000 he becomes a member of the Bureau of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee.Married, two children.

Quick Facts
Disciplinefree styleValentin Jordanov
Category: 52kg
Born:26 Jan 1960 in the village of Sandrovo Rousse region
Education:Master, speciality "Wrestling", National Sports Academy

Participations in the biggest world competitions:

06 Aug 1979World Championship
Ulan Bator, Mongolia
Cadets52.0 kg5
26 Aug 19806 European Championship
Bursa, Turkey
Cadets52.0 kg1
23 April 198124 European Championship
Lodz, Poland
Men52.0 kg3
01 Jan 1982

25 European Championship
Varna, Bulgaria

Men52.0 kg1
17 April 198326 European Championship
Budapest, Hungary
Men52.0 kg1
26 Sept 198322 World Championship
Kiev, URSS
Men52.0 kg1
26 April 198427 European Championship
Jonkoping, Sweden
Men52.0 kg2
25 April 198528 European Championship
Budapest, Hungary
Men52.0 kg1
10 Oct 198523 World Championship
Budapest, Hungary
Men52.0 kg1
14 April 198629 European Championship
Athens, Greece
Men52.0 kg1
19 Oct 198624 World Championship
Budapest, Hungary
Men52.0 kg3
01 May 198730 European Championship
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Men52.0 kg1
26 Aug 198725 World Championship
Clermont-Ferrand, France
Men52.0 kg1
01 Jan 1988 FILA's
Grand Prix /Big Prize/
Budapest, Hungary
Men52.0 kg1
16 April 198831 European Championship
Manchester, Great Britain
Men52.0 kg1
12 May 198932 European Championship
Ankara, Turkey
Men52.0 kg1
01 Sept 198926 World Championship
Martini, Switzerland
Men52.0 kg1
06 Sept 199027 World Championship
Tokyo, Japan
Men52.0 kg2
03 Oct 199128 World Championship
Varna, Bulgaria
Men52.0 kg2
03 Aug 1992XXV Olympic Games
Barcelona, Spain
Men52.0 kg3
25 Aug 199329 World Championship
Toronto, Canada
Men52.0 kg1
24 Aug 199430 World Championship
Istanbul, Turkey
Men52.0 kg1
10 Aug 199531 World Championship
Atlanta, USA
Men52.0 kg1
30 July 1996XXVI Olympic Games
Atlanta, USA
Men52.0 kg1
Prizes and distinctions:
  • Best FILA wrestler (free-style) for the year 1984
  • Best FILA wrestler (free-style) for the year 1995
  • Included in the FILA classification "Wrestler of the 20-th century"
  • Included in the list of the Top 10 of Bulgaria for the years: - 1983,1985,1986,1987,1989,1992,1993,1994,1995,1996
  • Winner of unique world sport record - 20-year sport practice in the category by 52 kg; participant in the national selection of Bulgaria - men, in European Championships, World Championships and Olympic Games from 1981 till 1996 without interruption
  • Repeated champion of Grand Prix tournaments and international FILA tournaments
  • First at the Tournament of the Super-Champions - Tokyo 1987
  • Winner in the match of the Super-Champions Pittsburgh, USA, in 1989 and 1990
  • The only one wrestler in the world /Free and Greco-Roman wrestling/ who won 10 medals at world championships /7 golden, 2 silver and 1 bronze/
  • Winner in the world team /FILA against Russia, Vladi-Caucasus in 1993 & 1994
  • Sportsman of 20-th century, elected by the National Sports Academy (year 2000)
  • Winner of "Dan Kolov" belt for the year 1983
  • Champion at the tournament "Goodwill" - Seattle 1990 ã.
FILA distinctions:
  • 1999 - Golden medal of FILA
  • 2001 - FILA plaquette
State distinctions:
  • 1983 - Bronze Order of Labour of R Bulgaria
  • 1987 - Silver order "People's Republic of Bulgaria"
  • 1994 - Honoured with the title "Honorary citizen of the town of Sofia"
  • 1996 - Golden Olympic order
  • 1997 - Honoured with the title "Honorary citizen of the town of Varna"
  • 2000 - Honoured with the title "Honorary citizen of the town of Varna"
  • Golden medal of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee
  • Golden badge of the Bulgarian Youth and Sport Agency
  • Medal for Sport Glory of BSFS - I class
  • Sportsman of the Century of the town of Ruse
  • Winner of order "1300 year Bulgaria"
  • Numerous distinctions of state and sport institutions
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