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Bulgarian Olympic Committee

Bulgarian Olympic Committee
Bulgarian Olympic CommitteeThe Bulgarian Olympic Committee was founded on March 3Oth, 1923. Its activities were revived after the second World War during the meeting held on November 24th 1951 to adopt the statutes and elect the governing body. In the following years its activities have been enlarged and promoted. Its status was developed in order to reach full conformity with the Olympic Charter. At present the sports federations have the voting majority within the composition of the Bulgarian Olympic Committee.

The Bulgarian Olympic Committee (BOC) is a voluntary, self-governing, non-governmental organization, belonging to no political party. BOC performs useful activities in accordance with the laws of Republic Bulgaria and the Olympic Charta. It in are united the Bulgarian olympic sport federations, national sport organizations, physical people, famous sports and olympic activists.

The main goals of BOC are :

  • the development and defence of sport and the olympic movement;
  • promotion of the ideals and principles of the olympic movement in Bulgaria and their distribution among all social strata and mainly among the youth;
  • the development of the Bulgarian Olympic Academy, the National sport museum and other institutions contributing to the realization of educational and cultural programs of the olympic movement;
  • the struggle against all forms of discrimination in sport and against the usage of substances and procedures forbidden by the International sport federations, the IOC and the world drug agency;
  • the creation of harmonious cooperative relations with government institutions keeping its autonomy and does not allow any political or religious pressure that violates the Olympic charta.

    BOC is the only organization approved by IOC that represents Bulgaria at the Olympic games and other forums.

    for contacts:75,Vassil Levski Blvd.; 1040, Sofia, Bulgaria
    Tel. +359 2 980 4297