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Hotel complex Gumurdginski Snegnik (hotel in GORNO KAPINOVO)Hotel complex Gumurdginski Snegnik
Address: Village of GORNO KAPINOVO, Municipality Kirkovo;
Phones: +359 (0)887 670435;
Family hotel complex "GYUMYURDZHINSKI Snezhnik" is located in village of Gorno Kapinovo - the last Bulgarian village towards the highest point in south-west Bulgaria - Veykata peak.

Family Hotel Varosha 2003 *** (hotel in LOVECH)Family Hotel Varosha 2003 ***
Region: LOVECH
Address: No23, Ivan Drasov str., Town of LOVECH;
Phones: +359 (0)68 622277; +359 (0)887 996687;
Situated in the heart of the Architectural-historic district of Lovech, the family hotel "Varosha 2003" gives its visitors the chance to indulge in the spirit of the Bulgarian national Revival period.

The hotel lies at the bank of the river Osam and is just a short walk away from the Covered Bridge, built by Kolio Fitcheto. For the comfort of its guests the hotel has its own tavern (opened from 5 pm to 0 am), offering a huge variety of national meals, traditional specialties, domestic and foreign wines and other distinctive items.

The hotel has:
- 2 double rooms
- 3 double rooms - LUX (with a fire-place and a hot tub)
- 5 studios - LUX (with a fire-place, a hot tub or a balcony)
- 1 apartment (fully equipped)

Every room offers:
- Individual bathroom
- Deluxe bath amenities
- Cable TV
- High Speed Wi-Fi/LAN Internet (free of charge)
- Air Conditioning
- Refrigerator
- Hair-dryer

Villa Relax (hostel in BANYA)Villa Relax
Address: #10, Ogosta str, town of BANYA, municipality Karlovo;
Phones: +359 (0)878 584828; +359 (0)878 453014;

The guest house Relax is located in the center of town of Banya near the beach, central bathroom, "bancheto" and mud baths. The house offers rooms for rent from May to October.

Accommodation: capacity is 6 beds (3 rooms with 2 beds). The rooms have shared bathroom (bath + toilet).
Each room has cable TV, wireless Internet (Wi-Fi). One of the rooms has a large terrace and others use common terrace.

Others: common refrigerator; yard beautifully shaped with a summer house for relaxation; parking-lots

Wellness and SPA complex Ismena (holiday village in DEVIN)Wellness and SPA complex Ismena
Address: Town of DEVIN;
Phones: +359 (0)3041 2757;

Wellness & SPA complex "Ismena" offers 12 attractive guest houses in Rhodopean stale. Each villa has two floors.

First floor consists of: living room which a fireplace, upholstered furniture, plasma TV, refrigerator, a dining table and bathroom;
Second floor: two bedrooms each with luxury own bathroom, cable TV, telephone, hairdryer.

Each house has its own porch and green areas. Parking lots are provided with controlled access.

- SPA center (indoor swimming pool with mineral water, Rhodope and steam bath, Jacuzzi, therapeutic pool, solarium, massages and more. );
- Restaurant with summer garden; 
- Barbecue; 
- Scene with multimedia - with screen sizes 4 3 meters; 
- Information Center; 
- Wireless Internet; 
- Shops;

Guesthouse Chobanova Kashta (hostel in BANYA)Guesthouse Chobanova Kashta
Address: #15, "2-ra" str, village of BANYA, Razlog municipality;
Phones: +359 (0)888 104711;

The Guesthouse Chobanova house is located in village of Banya. It offers pleasant holiday in tranquility and comfort in combination with possibilities for entertainment in the winter resort of Bansko.

Accommodation: The house offers three double rooms and one apartament. Each of them has TV, free Internet access, local heating, bathroom and expansive sofa (bed).

Others: food shop (in the house); ski instructor; swimming pools (nearby) with natural mineral water (temperatures around 60 C); many opportunities for short and longer walks among the great scenery of the Pirin and Rila.

Balneohotel Markoni **** (hotel in PAVEL BANYA)Balneohotel Markoni ****
Address: #1, Knyaz Pavell str, town of PAVEL BANYA;
Phones: +359 (0)431 50007; +359 (0)431 50006; +359 (0)885 059331; +359 (0)893 677792;
Balneohotel "Marconi" is situated in the center of town of Pavel Banya. The combination of modern architecture and furniture, ambitious team of professionals, well trained and polite staff, the hotel gives all necessary to ensure the pleasant holiday stay, and conducting balneotherapy, remedial and rehabilitation process, combined with the Wellness and SPA procedures.

Accommodation: Balneohotel Markoni offers its guests 25 double rooms, 5 suites, 5 single rooms, an apartment with Jacuzzi and kitchenette, which will meet your expectations of comfort and coziness.

- Good medical team
- The most modern procedures with mineral water
- Indoor pool
- Lobby
- Restaurant
- Wireless Internet
- Air conditioning
- TV
- Mini-bar
- Business Bureau
- Hairdryer
- Button signaling in the bathroom
- Mineral water

Villa Filip (hostel in BACHEVO)Villa Filip
Address: 72 G.Dimitrov str, village of BACHEVO, municipality Razlog;
Phones: +359 (0)896 758972;

Villa Philip is situated in the center of village of Bachevo. The village is located between three mountains and is an ideal starting point for various mountain hikes in the summer. Here the guests have access to centuries-old traditions and customs of the local people, can try the special local cuisine and will enjoy a wild, virgin nature.

Accommodation: Villa Philip offers 7 double rooms and 1 apartment. All rooms are with own toilet, cable TV and Internet. Smoking in rooms is not allowed.

Others: tavern, summer garden with barbecue

Pets are not allowed. Near the village there are 4 horse facilities, healing mineral springs, fish kennel.

Hotel Ring (hotel in MONTANA)Hotel Ring
Address: Ogosta lake, town of MONTANA;
Phones: +359 (0)96 588 861; + 359 (0)96 588 862;

Hotel Ring is located on the shore of the "Ogosta" dam, 2000 meters from administrative center of the town of Montana. It offers tranquility, clean air and natural beauty of nature. The hotel is revealed extreme views - over the waters of the lake "Ogosta" visitors can see all northwestern part of the Balkan Range, the peaks Kom, Kopren, Midzhur and Vratsa Balkan mountain.

Less than one hours time are natural phenomenon Belogradchik rocks and the caves Magura and Ledenika.

: The hotel has a restaurant, panoramic bar and fitness center. There is also a free cable and wireless Internet throughout the complex.

The hotel complex offers facilities for people with disabilities - access to the restaurant, bar, hotel and special toilets.

Hotel Sonata (hotel in SAMOKOV)Hotel Sonata
Region: SOFIA
Address: # 50, Ivan Vazov str, town of SAMOKOV;
Phones: +359 (0)722 60334;

Hotel Sonata is situated in the heart of the picturesque town of Samokov and only 10 kilometers away from the world famous ski resort of Borovets.

Accommodation: The hotel offers 28 beds in individually furnished spacious and sunny rooms with balconies and a beautiful view to the mountains. There are 8 double rooms, 2 triple rooms and 2 apartments. Each of rooms is equipped with a refrigerator, TV, bathroom with WC / shower, bath or hydro-massage tub.

Restaurant: The restaurant has 45 seats all but a few overlooking a center-piece fire place that adds to your comfort and coziness in wintertime. The tasty, mouth-watering local cuisine is complemented by  Mediterranean, Italian, Spanish and some Chinese favorites, not to mention the traditional English breakfast, to make you feel at home.

Others: work all year round, room service,parking, conference hall, gym, steam bath, sauna, Jacuzzi, massage, table tennis, playground, Internet

Hotel Raiski kat (hotel in KALOFER)Hotel Raiski kat
Address: Area of Panitsite, KALOFER;
Phones: +359 (0)3133 5303, +359 (0)887 291549; +359 (0)887 137363;
Mountain hotel "Rayski Kat" ("Paradise Place") is located in area of Panitsite, 4 kms away from town of Kalofer, in the foot of Botev peak and  bordering the national park "Central Balkan", protected area "Djendema" and the highest in the Balkans "Paradise waterfall"/125m./

The hotel Offers:
restourant, conference room, double rooms and apartaments with exotic terraces overlooking the bank of "Tundja" river, barbeque, summer garden with a playground, volleyball field, free wireless conection and parking spots.
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apartment for sale
apartment BanskoBansko
91 m2
€ 49950
Real Estate Agency #21
apartment for sale
apartment BanskoBansko
65 m2
€ 23800
Real Estate Agency #21
apartment for sale
apartment BanskoBansko
45 m2
€ 11900
Real Estate Agency #21

- 2013-08-21 10:45 The monument of the Soviet Army in Sofia decorated in pink because the 45th anniversary of Prague Spring
- 2013-03-07 13:45 Shumen-based Carlsberg brewery starts again after temporary winter break
- 2013-03-07 13:31 Colossal project for extraction and processing of gold containing ores near Breznik
- 2013-03-07 13:28 Shumen municipality may terminate contarct with Israeli company for heating utility Toplofikatsia Shumen EAD
- 2013-02-22 15:33 Bulgarian ski resort operator Pamporovo raises its capital to BGN 1.61 million
- 2013-02-22 15:31 BG Parliament accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and his Cabinet
- 2013-02-15 15:40 SMS alert service notifies for any change in ownership of own property in the National Land Registry
- 2013-02-13 15:37 Vinprom Peshtera JSC is amomg the largest taxpayers in Bulgaria
- 2013-02-13 15:33 The government terminated concession contract for the sea beach Shkorpilovtsi - north
- 2013-02-13 15:31 The average monthly salary in Bulgaria - near EUR 415 for December 2013
- 2013-02-13 03:48 Sofia Hilton Hotel would be sold
- 2013-02-12 11:09 ABB Group reorders its organizational structure - merged units in Varna, Sevlievo and Rakovski
- 2013-02-08 13:18 Bigest French tour-operators come to Bulgaria to probe the opportunities for cultural and historical tourism
- 2013-02-08 13:14 German Mecalit redirects its clients towards its Plovdiv-based factory
- 2013-02-07 16:08 In Q4 of 2013 Trakya Cam will launch second production line in Targovishte
- 2013-02-07 13:04 The government terminated concession for the mineral water spring in Bratsigovo
- 2013-02-05 11:03 TV and media group "Bulgaria on air" in partnership with Bloomberg
- 2013-02-05 10:54 The South Stream gas pipeline will enter in Bulgaria south from Varna through the beach of Pasha Dere
- 2013-02-04 13:07 4 major telecoms are candidates to buy Bulgarian mobile operator Globul
- 2013-02-04 13:02 Litex Commerce wants to expand its business towards Greece
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