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Guesthouse Geros (hotel in MOKREN)Guesthouse Geros
Region: SLIVEN
Address: #6 Stoicho Bojilov str, Village of MOKREN, Municipality Kotel;
Phones: +359 (0)885 665953; +359 (0)451 5565;
The guesthouse "GEROS" is situated in village of Mokren, 42km. from town of Sliven
It offers 12 beds in 6 double room. Each room is furnished with two beds,TV-set,WC/shower,Internet.
Others: tavern, summer garden

Branta Birding Lodge (hotel in DURANKULAK)Branta Birding Lodge
Address: Town/city Shabla, Municipality Shabla;
Phones: +359 888476601;
Branta Birding Lodge, overlooking Durankulak Lake, is ideally situated for visiting many top birding locations, endless unspoiled beaches, and important sites of archaeological interest.

Accommodation: Branta Birding Lodge is a 2-storey building, of a total built-up area of 532 m2, in the traditional Bulgarian architectural style and is set against a fantastic backdrop of wetlands, Black Sea coast and steppes areas. There is a spacious and comfortable lounge and a large dining area on the ground floor. On the first floor there is a multi-purpose hall, which also serves as an exhibition hall for photos, maps and drawings and a big terrace, very good for making observations of the lake and the sky (particularly during migration and winter time).

Facilities: It provides high standard accommodation rated to 3-star quality; five double/twin rooms with en suite facilities, one en suite apartment with two double/twin rooms each and three single rooms available as the norm, accommodating up to 18 people; as well as refreshment room (bar) and kitchen. For a small charge a laundry service is available as well as soft and alcoholic drinks All rooms are equipped with double glazed mosquito screened windows, air-conditioning and central heating.The lodge also provides transport (4WD), knowledgeable bird guides and escorts, Internet access, TV/video, Swarovski spotting scopes and binoculars. Here we will assist you with any of your electronic needs such as: computer, laptop, printer, power converters, cameras, batteries and software.

Another bonus of this kind of accommodation is that the visitor gets lots of helpful tips and information about the surrounding areas and the country.The Lodge, owned by knowledgeable birdwatchers, is open all year round.

Hotel Noris *** (hotel in PLOVDIV)Hotel Noris ***
Address: 27 Ilarion Makariopolski str. town of PLOVDIV;
Phones: +359 (0) 32 631 718;
If you are looking for a hotel with a stylish and unique interior, comfortable rooms and high standards of service, your choice is hotel Noris!

The hotel is located in the heart of Plovdiv, on a 5 minutes walking distance to the main shopping street and the town centre close to the old town a? the famous national heritage and historic district The old Plovdiv

Hotel "Noriss" offers accommodation in twelve double rooms, three luxury double rooms and six apartments. All rooms and apartments have state of the art interior and equipment including flat screen TV, high-speed wireless internet, telephone, air condition and, mini bar. The luxury double rooms have bath-tubs while the apartments are equipped with hydro massaging bubble baths.

The sixth floor rooms have big terraces and offer beautiful bird eye views towards the dynamic city life. You may choose to have a beautiful romantic dinner under the stars or just a splendid afternoon cocktail drink above the city.

Others: elegant lobby bar and the summer garden

Guesthouse Captain Petko Voivoda (hostel in EZERETS)Guesthouse Captain Petko Voivoda
Address: Village EZERETS, Municipality Shabla;
Phones: 00359 (0)5743 4462 00359 (0)885 996139 (Petko), 00359 (0)885 136300 (Zlatka);

Fishing and hunting house "Captain Petko Voivoda" is situated in Ezerets village, only 1 km from the international road E87 and 2.5 km away from the beaches between Ezerets and Cape Shabla. At less than a 1km is the Lake of Shabla wich is full of fish. The house was renovated in the traditional fishermen style but with European standards. It has maintained garden and is located at the end of the village of quiet and calm street.

accommodation: 2 rooms with double bed and single bed and 1 room with three single beds

Each room has its own bathroom. There is a large veranda for dinner outdoors, equipped summer kitchen, summer bathroom, barbecue (dobrudzhanska oven) and sandstone for kids. 

The owner offers fishing or just sailing with his own boat. In a radius of 500 meters there are 2 new restaurants.

The villa is an attractive place for hunters, having given year round and during the winter months it has a local heating.

Hotel Eskada Beach *** (hotel in AHTOPOL)Hotel Eskada Beach ***
Address: Town of AHTOPOL;
Phones: +359 (0)590 62025; +359 (0)885 998502; + 359 (0)899 412156;
ESKADA BEACH Hotel is located on the main promenade next to the beautiful beach of Ahtopol in Bulgaria, Southern Black Sea coast. The hotel guests enjoy the stunning Black sea view from their rooms, because of the excellent sea hotel location - only few meters from the beach.

Eskada Hotel is one of the new hotels in Ahtopol, Bulgaria.

Accommodation: The hotel has 13 rooms on the ground floor, 51 double rooms, 15 studio type, 3 apartments with one bedroom, 2 apartments with two bedrooms, all of them stylishly furnished and equipped, offering to the guests of ESKADA BEACH Hotel comfort and coziness.

Eskada Hotel guests will enjoy the high quality services provided by the hotel and the other facilities like swimming pools for adults and children, 24 hours security, guarded parking lots, fitness center, rent-a-bike, children animation, table tennis, lobby bar and non-stop supermarket. In addition there are restaurant and pizza-barbecue, offering traditional Bulgarian cuisine as well as other delicious specialties.

Guesthouse Zlatinovata house (hostel in DELCHEVO)Guesthouse Zlatinovata house
Address: Village DELCHEVO, Municipality Gotse Delchev;
Phones: +359 (0)887 441803;
The Zlatinova house is located in begining of Delchevo village (near Gotse Delchev). Cottage built in authentic style, having outstanding view to the nearest mountains and northern Greece.

Accommodation: The house offers six double rooms and two attic rooms with four and five beds. Each room has own WC, Sat TV and Internet

Others: tavern for 15-20 persons

Hydropathic rest-base Rose (hotel in STRELCHA)Hydropathic rest-base Rose
Address: 47, Dimitar Blagoev str, town of STRELCHA;
Phones: +359 (0)3532 2303, +359 (0)3532 2304;

Hydropathic center (Balneo hotel)  Hotel Rose is located in the eastern part of Strelcha, to the pine forest and close the city center. It is a modern four-storey building with beautiful and well maintained park area.

Accommodation: The hotel offers 187 beds in 5 single, 85 double rooms and 3 suites. All rooms have separate bathrooms with mineral water, terrace and TV.

Others: restaurant with 200 seats and conference hall.

The SPA center has wide-treatment diagnostic facilities: medical offices, manipulation, clinical laboratory, electricity and svetolechenie, paraffin, office and shop for medical and therapeutic massage Physical Education, vodolechebno room tangentorni baths. The Balneo Hotel offers the following services: SPA center, business center, indoor pool, Internet room, information, summer garden, sauna, phone in the hotel, thermal waters, fitness center, excursions, mountain guide, laundry and dry cleaning.

Holiday home Yuriy Gagarin (camping in STRELCHA)Holiday home Yuriy Gagarin
Address: Town of STRELCHA;
Phones: +359 (0)3532 3565, +359 (0)3532 3566;

The rest-base of Yuriy Gagarin works is located in the east part of the town of Strelcha, near pine forest.

Accommodation: It offers 18 bungalows - each with two children and sofa beds, separate WC and bathroom. There are spacious dining room with excellent cuisine.

The park area is ideal for relaxation and outdoor activities.

Hotel Strelcha (hotel in STRELCHA)Hotel Strelcha
Address: #67, Bulgaria blvd, town of STRELCHA;
Phones: +359 (0)3532 2203, +359 (0)3532 3585;
Hotel Strelcha is located in center of the town of Strelcha.

Accommodation: The hotel complex has 130 beds in double and triple rooms and 6 suites - equipped with hot mineral water

Others: restaurant with 120 seats and daily bar with 40 seats

Hotel Izgrev (hotel in STRELCHA)Hotel Izgrev
Address: Esentuki str, town of STRELCHA;
Phones: +359 (0)3532 2288;
Hotel Izgrev (Sunrise) is located in in the eastern part of town of Strelcha, among pine forest.
It is a massive 4-storey building with local heating and is all-year open.

Accommodation: 150 beds - two and three in a room with a private bathroom and bathrooms, three flats with TV and fridge

Services: SPA center, pool, room quiet games, information, conference hall, medical center, outdoor pool, parking, salon with TV, own beach, phone in hotel, thermal water housing disabled, and washing him. cleaning, rehabilitation, physiotherapy
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apartment for sale
apartment BanskoBansko
91 m2
€ 49950
Real Estate Agency #21
apartment for sale
apartment BanskoBansko
65 m2
€ 23800
Real Estate Agency #21
apartment for sale
apartment BanskoBansko
45 m2
€ 11900
Real Estate Agency #21

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- 2013-08-21 10:45 The monument of the Soviet Army in Sofia decorated in pink because the 45th anniversary of Prague Spring
- 2013-03-07 13:45 Shumen-based Carlsberg brewery starts again after temporary winter break
- 2013-03-07 13:31 Colossal project for extraction and processing of gold containing ores near Breznik
- 2013-03-07 13:28 Shumen municipality may terminate contarct with Israeli company for heating utility Toplofikatsia Shumen EAD
- 2013-02-22 15:33 Bulgarian ski resort operator Pamporovo raises its capital to BGN 1.61 million
- 2013-02-22 15:31 BG Parliament accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and his Cabinet
- 2013-02-15 15:40 SMS alert service notifies for any change in ownership of own property in the National Land Registry
- 2013-02-13 15:37 Vinprom Peshtera JSC is amomg the largest taxpayers in Bulgaria
- 2013-02-13 15:33 The government terminated concession contract for the sea beach Shkorpilovtsi - north
- 2013-02-13 15:31 The average monthly salary in Bulgaria - near EUR 415 for December 2013
- 2013-02-13 03:48 Sofia Hilton Hotel would be sold
- 2013-02-12 11:09 ABB Group reorders its organizational structure - merged units in Varna, Sevlievo and Rakovski
- 2013-02-08 13:18 Bigest French tour-operators come to Bulgaria to probe the opportunities for cultural and historical tourism
- 2013-02-08 13:14 German Mecalit redirects its clients towards its Plovdiv-based factory
- 2013-02-07 16:08 In Q4 of 2013 Trakya Cam will launch second production line in Targovishte
- 2013-02-07 13:04 The government terminated concession for the mineral water spring in Bratsigovo
- 2013-02-05 11:03 TV and media group "Bulgaria on air" in partnership with Bloomberg
- 2013-02-05 10:54 The South Stream gas pipeline will enter in Bulgaria south from Varna through the beach of Pasha Dere
- 2013-02-04 13:07 4 major telecoms are candidates to buy Bulgarian mobile operator Globul
- 2013-02-04 13:02 Litex Commerce wants to expand its business towards Greece
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