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Hotel Helier (hotel in YAKORUDA)Hotel Helier
Address: 1km from town of YAKORUDA;
Phones: +359 (0)898 549 088; +359 (0)889 203 985;

Hotel Helier is situated at 1km from town of Yakoruda direction town of Bansko.

Accommodation: It offers 30 beds in 3 apartments, 5 bedrooms and 3 single rooms. All of the rooms with own WC, SAT TV, etc.

Others: restaurants (40 seats), mineral water swimming pool, sauna, parking

The Hotel offers (twice a day) free transfers to and from the ski-slopes of Bansko and Dobrinishte.

Chalet Treshtenik (chalet in YAKORUDA)Chalet Treshtenik
Address: Rila mountain near town of YAKORUDA;
Phones: 00359 (0)887 52 32 42;
The mountain hostel is situated on the south slope of Rila Mountain - 1764m altitude. It is situated nearby National Park Rila, which is famous with its various vegetation, animal species and inhabits peculiar and remarkable landscapes and inanimate nature objects. There are excellent conditions for winter, summer and wild nature recreation for the guests of the mountain hostel. They can also enjoy the Rila mountain forests, crystal clear mountain lakes and fairy landscapes. If a rearrangement is made pedestrian tours with guide, horse and cart passages, hunt and fishing, picnics, green schools and conference tourism can be organized for the guests. The mountain hostel has 69 beds allocated in 14 double rooms, 6 three-bed rooms, 2 four-bed rooms, 3 apartments and 2 tourist rooms with five and nine beds. All the rooms are with own bathrooms. There is a restaurant, day-bar, tavern and outside grill.

Rest base Sushina (camping in SUSHINA)Rest base Sushina
Address: near Ticha dam, Village SUSHINA, Municipality Varbitsa;
Phones: 00359 (0)899/ 145 150; 00359 (0)899/ 145 150; 00359 (0)898/ 505 660;
Rest base Sushina is camp site located at the bank of Ticha down near the village Sushina, Municipality Varbitsa, Shumen. It is situated at the road Shoumen (distance 30km) - Preslav - Vurbitsa (distance 10km). It offers 13 bungalows (4 big and 9 small).
The base is open all year.

Holiday house Iliyan (hostel in BALABANSKO)Holiday house Iliyan
Region: LOVECH
Address: Mutevska hamlet, Village BALABANSKO, Municipality Troyan;
Phones: 00359 (0)670/63336; GSM: 00359 (0)887/650185;
Holiday house Iliyan is located in Village Balabansko, Municipality Troyan. It at 10 kilometer distance from Troyan, after village Balabansko in Mutevska hamlet. It is suitable for short and long-term repose in the embrace of the Troyan Balkan. There is possibility for lodging up to 8 people. At their disposal are WC, tavern with authentic fireplace, living room with furnished kitchen, a spacious yard with a barbecue, children playground, vegetable and fruit gardens and many quiet games. The house is in a very close proximity to a river. Access to domestic animals is available. The guests have the opportunity to cook for themselves. For holidays and celebrations it is possible to order food to be prepared by the hosts. Here you can discover a great place for relaxation and diversion amidst quietness, placidity and clean air. You have the opportunity to observe demonstrations of the local handcraft a? pottery, as well as home Troyan plum rakiya (Bulgarian concentrated alcoholic dring) preparing and tasting. For your entertainment are available foot and bike excursions along marked tracks in the district, as well as picnics, mushroom-grovving, herbs and wild fruits.

Miranda house (hostel in KRAVODER)Miranda house
Region: VRATZA
Address: village of KRAVODER, Municipality Krivodol;
Phones: +359(0)888 / 954582; +359 (0)888 / 337447;
Miranda house is located in village of Kravoder, Municipality Krivodol . It is a separate house with non-transparent stone wall, 300 meters English yard, 20 square meters pool, 50 square meters green lawn for play in the yard, barbecue with old village fireplace for 16 people. Barbecue, rotating from the waterfall nearby, fountain with water and light special effects. The villa offers seclusion, wonderful ecological and active holiday, anonymity of the guests and complete tranquility, disturbed only by the carols of the wild birds. For the ladies there is an out door swimming pool with chaise-longues and all facilities for a housewife. For the men, there is the BBQ, fishing in a river or a dam, hunting, shooting with an air gun. For the children a? the childrenna?s part of the pool, a playground and a meadow for amusement. The property is surrounded by a tall, luxurious stone wall, which protects from curious eyes and leaves you to have fun in any way you want in peace.
outdoor pool, jacuzzi, playground, children`s pool, barbeque, rent-a-bike, fire place, TV set, kitchen, cable television, satellite tv, heating, refrigerator, mini-bar, bathroom/toilet, microwave oven, laundry, balcony, radio, DVD, iron, hair-dryer, garage, coffee machine, summer garden, tavern, pool bar

Villa Stella palace (hostel in BYALA)Villa Stella palace
Region: VARNA
Address: Town of BYALA, Municipality Byala;
Phones: (+359 888) 867532;
The Villa Stella palace is located in town of Byala. The villa will give you quietness, safety and luxury, which are indispensable for a lovely vacation. And all this only 150 m away from the beach! The villa has disposal of two bedrooms, each one with separate bathroom, WC and air conditioner. One of the rooms has three beds, while the other room has a huge, comfortable bedroom suite and possibility for additional folding bed. Spacious living room on two levels, with well equipped kitchen, in which you may prepare tea, coffee or dishes, according to your personal taste. For your good mood, we have satellite TV, DVD, and luxury stereo CD player available. Free parking lot for two automobiles, secured 24 hours! Stella Palace villa is suitable for a big family or a circle of friends. It has a big covered terrace with a big table available for party or dinner with spectacular view towards the sea. You have also barbeque at your disposal. In the villa you can always find cooled alcohol or soft drinks. Two kind people will take care of your pleasant stay.

Villa Lorian (hostel in MADJARE)Villa Lorian
Region: SOFIA
Address: Village MADJARE, Municipality Samokov;
Phones: 00359 (0)7125 / 2022; 00359 (0)887 / 699180; 00359 (0)886 / 943 417;
Villa Lorian is a new villa in Rila mountain located in Village Madjare, Municipality Samokov.
Accommodation: The villa offers 4 double and 2 triple rooms. All of the rooms is with TV and hot water
Facilities: restaurant, cafe, TV set, cable television, heating, bathroom/toilet, view

Villa Neshevi (hostel in BORIKI)Villa Neshevi
Address: Village BORIKI, Municipality Gabrovo;

Villa Neshevi is located in Village of Boriki, Municipality Gabrovo. It offers own luxury maisonette with own entrance located on second and third floor of building:
First floor of maisonette - kitchen, eveningroom, lounge with fireplace, bathroom with WC, summer garden, terace, coverred section feeding place, uncovered - barbeque, oven and pool;
Second floor - 3 bedrooms with total of 6 beds, bathroom with bath tub and WC.
Brandy boil place with classical receipt. Basketball place with one basket. Perfect surroundings for walk and trout fishing.
Except possibility of self catering, house can offer perfekt cooking. On request you can order breakfast, lunch or dinner, delicasy and specialitetes cooked with ecological and natural products own manifacture.

Hotel Saray **** (hotel in KALOYANOVO)Hotel Saray ****
Address: Village KALOYANOVO, Municipality Kaloyanovo;
Phones: 00359(0)31 / 232306; 00359(0) 889 / 920920;
The 4 star Hotel Saray is located in village of Kaloyanovo, Plovdiv district. It offers: outdoor pool, parking lot, restaurant, night bar, security, jacuzzi, room service, cafe, TV set, cable television, satellite tv, air conditioning, heating, refrigerator, phone, internet, bathroom/toilet, laundry, hair-dryer, laundry, c. card payment, pool bar

Guesthouses goKotel (hostel in KOTEL)Guesthouses goKotel
Region: SLIVEN
Address: Izvorska 15, town of KOTEL 8970;
Phones: +359 (0)453 2139;
goKotel - nature and culture holidays in and around Kotel.

Three guest houses are designed in authentic revival style.

Activities: Hiking, biking, folklore programmes. it is our pleasure to give you the real Bulgaria experience.
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apartment for sale
apartment BanskoBansko
91 m2
€ 49950
Real Estate Agency #21
apartment for sale
apartment BanskoBansko
65 m2
€ 23800
Real Estate Agency #21
apartment for sale
apartment BanskoBansko
45 m2
€ 11900
Real Estate Agency #21

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- 2013-08-21 10:45 The monument of the Soviet Army in Sofia decorated in pink because the 45th anniversary of Prague Spring
- 2013-03-07 13:45 Shumen-based Carlsberg brewery starts again after temporary winter break
- 2013-03-07 13:31 Colossal project for extraction and processing of gold containing ores near Breznik
- 2013-03-07 13:28 Shumen municipality may terminate contarct with Israeli company for heating utility Toplofikatsia Shumen EAD
- 2013-02-22 15:33 Bulgarian ski resort operator Pamporovo raises its capital to BGN 1.61 million
- 2013-02-22 15:31 BG Parliament accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and his Cabinet
- 2013-02-15 15:40 SMS alert service notifies for any change in ownership of own property in the National Land Registry
- 2013-02-13 15:37 Vinprom Peshtera JSC is amomg the largest taxpayers in Bulgaria
- 2013-02-13 15:33 The government terminated concession contract for the sea beach Shkorpilovtsi - north
- 2013-02-13 15:31 The average monthly salary in Bulgaria - near EUR 415 for December 2013
- 2013-02-13 03:48 Sofia Hilton Hotel would be sold
- 2013-02-12 11:09 ABB Group reorders its organizational structure - merged units in Varna, Sevlievo and Rakovski
- 2013-02-08 13:18 Bigest French tour-operators come to Bulgaria to probe the opportunities for cultural and historical tourism
- 2013-02-08 13:14 German Mecalit redirects its clients towards its Plovdiv-based factory
- 2013-02-07 16:08 In Q4 of 2013 Trakya Cam will launch second production line in Targovishte
- 2013-02-07 13:04 The government terminated concession for the mineral water spring in Bratsigovo
- 2013-02-05 11:03 TV and media group "Bulgaria on air" in partnership with Bloomberg
- 2013-02-05 10:54 The South Stream gas pipeline will enter in Bulgaria south from Varna through the beach of Pasha Dere
- 2013-02-04 13:07 4 major telecoms are candidates to buy Bulgarian mobile operator Globul
- 2013-02-04 13:02 Litex Commerce wants to expand its business towards Greece
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