Page update: 01 January 2000


BeklemetoThe mountain resort of Beklemeto (1320m above sea level) is situated 20 km. away from the town of Troyan and offers several hotels, a restaurant, resting houses and private villas.The place is suitable for summer and winter mountain marches in the high part of the mountain, east of huts Dermenka, Dobrila, Ambaritsa and Chouchul and west of huts Kozia stena, Haidushka pesen, Echo and Vejen.

Traditional Senior Citizens Singing Competition at Beklemeto - held at the end of August.The best biathlon and cross-country runs at lengths 2km, 3km, 5km, 7km and 10km are found in Beklemeto and have been endorsed by the international biathlon and cross-country organizations FIBA and FIS. There are three lifts and three runs for alpine skiing. There is also a topographical map available for summer ski orienteering which outlines 120km of terrain. The Children's Mountain center at Beklemeto rents skis, boots, sleds, and additional recreational equipment for winter fun.