Page update: 01 January 2000


BozhentsiThe municipality of Doupnitsa is located in Southwest Bulgaria, at the foot of the Rila mountain, at the crossroads of the roads from Sofia to Salonika and from Plovdiv to Skopje.
The settlements of the Doupnitsa municipality are situated in the Doupnitsa Hollow, formed by the west slopes of the Rila mountain and the south slopes of the Verila mountain.

The hollow is open eastwards and southwards of the valley of the Jerman river.

The region possesses a wide scope of natural, anthropogenic and recreational resources. A lot of cultural monuments are registered in it. Only 14 kilometers away from the town, in Sapareva Banya, is the hottest mineral spring in Europe - with water temperature 103.8îÑ. The resort Panichishte (altitude1300 m above sea level) is at 25 km's distance. It gives a wonderful opportunity for winter and summer tourism and skiing. The resort is attractive with its beautiful and comfortable chalets, hotels and holiday homes. Marked tourist tracks reach from Panichishte to the chalets Skakavitsa, Lozan and Vada and to the Seven Lakes of Rila. Following the Bistritsa river, the adherents of mountain tourism can pass from Panichishte to the chalets Bial Kladenets and Ivan Vazov.

Doupnitsa is a starting point for interesting tourist objects in South-West Bulgaria and also in the whole Rila mountain. That is a wonderful prerequisite for encompassing and directioning the large stream of tourists passing through the town, whish is not used efficiently at present.

One of the routes is to the Rila Monastery, with which the town has been connected for ages. A convenient and well-maintained asphalt road leads there which passes along the Rilska Reka river valley by majestic mountain landscapes. The monastery is the largest in Bulgaria and dates from the c. 10. The monastery museums, Hrelyo's Tower and the church are of great interest to the tourists. Good conditions for rest are offered.

The tourist infrastructure is not developed well enough, the variety of the tourist services on offer is insufficient, the resorts bases are not well-provided with utilities, the mountain routes are not well-marked, the advertising and information system for tourist services does not function well. A general improvement of the economic base and the technical infrastructure could turn tourism into a priority branch in the municipality.