Page update: 01 January 2000


EleniteElenite Holiday Village is on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea coast, 10 kms from Sunny Beach resort and about 40 kms from Bourgas Airport.

A holiday village sheltered in a quiet bay, with a large beach and green meadows, for modern eco-style holidays, with plenty of sports and entertainment.

Holiday Village "Elenite" has a total of 1026 beds divided into 3 parts - zone A, zone B and zone Emona. All the rooms have Sat TV and mini bar, incl. "Starter pack".
Zone A studios - 220 rooms with basic kitchenette, one extra bed, child-size, available.
Zone B studios - 245 rooms, two child-size extra beds available.
Zone Emona - 48 double rooms, one extra bed available. Distance from beach - around 300 meters.