Page update: 01 January 2000

Village of Gela

Village Gela, Rhodopes, Hotel GelaGela is situated 18 km away from the famous ski resort Pamporovo in the foothills of the highest Rhodope peak Perelik (2191m) and is one of the oldest settlements in the region.
Such a marvelous sight can rarely be found anywhere else in the Rhodope mountain. Numerous peaks follow one after the other like waves before eyes. The lawns around are spotted with orchids violets and autumn bells.

Today the village has no more than several dozen of inhabitants. Inside the village there are the ruins of one old monastery as well as of two old churches.

It is a real paradise for rest. You can find accommodations in the village in nice private lodgings and small family hotels. It is also the starting point of numerous tourist treks.

Every year during the first Sunday of August the traditional Illinden Festival (music contest for the best bag pipe player) is a held near one of the numerous chapters in vicinity.