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Lovech is the center of an administrative region. It is situated along the two banks of the Osam river. It was founded as a Bulgarian fortress in the Middle Ages over the ruins of a Roman road station. It has been known under name Lovech since 12th century. Houses of Ranaissance architecture have been preserved in the ancient part of the town, called Varosha. On the place where there was a covered bridge built by Kolyo Ficheto in 1874, nowadays there is a covered iron-concrete bridge with shops along it.

Logistics-roads, railroads, airports,
The region of Lovech is bounded by: Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Stara Zagora and Plovdiv regions. Two main transport thoroughfares pass through the territory of the region- road /highway/ I - 4 (Sofia, Sevlievo, Veliko Tarnovo Shumen) and road /highway/ I - 3 (Botevgrad, Koritna, Byala). Both connect the region of Lovech with the neighboring and the other regions and with the capital city. Important transport thoroughfares for the region are: road II - 35, forming the north - south transport axis, providing the connection between the regions of Pleven and Plovdiv, through the Troyan - Karnare Balkan pass.