Page update: 01 January 2000


The Satovcha municipality is situated in the Southwest Bulgaria and encompasses the endmost parts of the Southwestern Rhodope Mountains. It borders the following municipalities: Velingrad to the north, Dospat to the east, Garmen to the west and Hajidimovo and the Republic of Greece to the south. Its total territory amounts to 334 245 sq. km.

The municipality's administrative, economic, political and cultural centre is the village of Satovcha.

Legends say that the village of Satovcha existed under the name Svatovitsa or Satovitsa before Bulgaria fell under the Ottoman rule in c. 14. Small settlements used to exist in the neighbouring areas. Their inhabitants moved to the present-day village for greater security.
The name of the village probably came from the old Bulgarian word sad (honeycomb) or the personal name Sato. It was mentioned in the Ottoman registers as early as the second half of C. 15.

The tourist industry is not well-developed in the municipality, although there are good prerequisites for the development of hunting tourism, and also attractive country and ecological tourism. Only the Dikchan State Game-Breeding Farm in the village of Satovcha develops hunting tourism.