Page update: 01 January 2000


Village of Dobrinishte Dobrinishte village (Pirin mountain) is only 6 km south of Bansko is the village of Dobrinishte (final station on the narrow gauge line from the town of Septemvri).

It is one of the largest villages in the country with a population of over 3000 inhabitants.

There are 17 mineral springs with water temperature between 30 and 43oC, as well as a big mineral public bath.

There are a number of private hotels in the village as well as a House of Tourism.

The town is a point of departure to the chalets called Gotze Delchev, Mocharata, Bezbog and the ski-center called Bezbog.

There is a bus line to Sofia, Blagoevgrad, Razlog, Bansko, Gotze Delchev, etc. The bus station is near the railway station, about 1 km east of Dobrinishte.