Page update: 01 January 2000

Semkovo ski resort

The ski resort Semkovo is around 170 km south from Sofia at the foot of Rila mountain, 17 kilometers away from the huddled at the foot of Rila town of Belitsa. It is located among pine-tree forests with an exclusive panoramic view towards the high Rila peaks. It offers excellent opportunities for winter sports and summer mountain tourism. The site is situated on 1750 meters above the sea level can be reached through a picturesque mountain road. The climate is Mediterranean with a mountain influence which makes the resort all year round suitable for relaxation and recreation.

Semkovo has six ski runs with different ranges of difficulty. Three of them are on the northern slopes with a total length of 4 km, operated by eight drags. More important ski pistes are:

  • The ski piste in the Semkovo site is 400 meters long and is serviced by a drag with a capacity of 150 people per hour
  • The ski piste in the Orlite site (Kartal) is 800 meters long and is serviced by two ski drags. The first one is 800 meters and the second one is 1100 meters with a respective capacity of 450 and 700 people per hour.

    In the summer the resort is a starting point for many tourist routes in the mountain. There you can find accommodation at reasonable prices with all necessary facilities and ski equipment. Very interesting place to visit nearby is the "dancing" bear sanctuary achieved and co-financed by the Austrian association "Vier Pfoten" and the Fondation Brigitte Bardot.