Page update: 01 January 2000

Byala Cherkva ski base

The ski base of Byala Cherkva is situated in the Rhodopi natural park, 37km away from the city of Plovdiv. Byala Cherkva spreads over the northern slope of a peak of the same name. The road connecting Byala Cherkva and Plovdiv is well kept during all seasons.
The name of the resort is more than 10 centuries' old. It is named after an old Christian church, remains of which can still be seen in the newly built church of the St Peter and Pavel monastery. The monastery emerged during the early Middle Ages in the place of old Thracian and Roman sanctuaries. It is believed that the monastery was first established as a convent at the St Kozma and Damyan church of the Kuklen Monastery but then it grew into a separate monastery.
The ski base of Byala Cherkva lies at 1,600m. above sea level. Its sole ski run has a total length of 1,100m, with its width ranging between 25m and 30m. The difference between the height of the start and the finish is 180m. The ski run's upper part is suitable for slalom and giant slalom, while the lower part is suitable for slalom, giant slalom, and parallel slalom. The ski run appeals to both advanced skiers and amateurs.
It is serviced by a 960m-long ski tug with a total capacity of 250 skiers per hour. Since November 2003, a small coffee shop with tea, coffee, sandwiches and refreshments has been operational at the base. The region of Byala Cherkva offers a number of rest houses and hotels where one can spend the night and have freshly cooked meals, but prior booking of accommodation is recommended.