Page update: 01 January 2000


KyustendilThe town of Kyustendil is situated in the Kyustendil's Plain in South- Western Bulgaria. Its average altitude is 482 m. above the sea level and it is surrounded by Osogovo Mountain to the South-West and Konyavo Mountain to the North-East.

The distance between Kyustendil and the capital Sofia is only 87 km. The busiest and the shortest road connecting Kyustendil and Sofia is 871 highway, passing through the towns of Radomir and Pernik. If you enter Bulgaria from Macedonia on the Skopie-Sofia E 871 highway, you will pass through the border checkpoint in Gueshevo, only 19 km from Kyustendil.

Entering from Serbia on the Nish-Bossilegrad-Kyustendil highway, you will pass through the border checkpoint in Oltomanzy. Driving on E 97 highway, you have to turn to the west near the town of Dupnitsa to reach Kyustendil.Thus you will be travelling on the oldest road, which connected Constantinople with Bosna and the Adriatic Sea region. Near the village of Nevestino you will pass one of the greatest historical monuments in our land - the Kadin bridge, built by Bulgarian masters in the XV century.

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