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The town of Nikopol (5108 inhabitants, at about 100 metres above sea level) has population of about 4,897 people (1993). It is amphitheatrically situated along the slopes of several hills, on the high right bank of the Danube River, at the distance of 3 km to the east of the mouth of the Ossum River. It is situated 229 km to the north-east of Sofia, 95 km to the east of Oriahovo, 55 km to the north-east of Pleven and 51 km to the north-west of Svishtov. It is the smallest Bulgarian town situated along the Danube River.

Nikopol has a long and interesting past. It is the successor of the antique settlements of Sekouristka (the remains are by the road between Nikopol and Cherkovitsa) and Nikopolis (town of victories).
Some Landmarks:

  • The drinking-fountain of Elia (Syutliika), built up during the 2nd century by the ordinary citizen of Rome Frontona
  • Shishman's fortress - remains from the fortress, defended by the last Bulgarian Tsar before the Turkish invasion - Ivan Shi-shman.
  • The Monument to the Russian soldiers who died during the Russian-Turkish War of Liberation
  • The old St. St. Peter and Pavel Church dates back to the 13th century