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KarlovoThe town of Karlovo (population: 27 992 inhabitants) is situated 520 m. above the sea level in the valley of the same name, which is part of the famous Rose Valley. The town is located at the distance of 141 km. east from Sofia, 58 km. north of Plovdiv, 55 km. west of Kazanlak and 66 km. south of Troyan. Karlovo is the birthplace of the eminent Bulgarian - the Apostle of Liberty Vasil Levski.

Karlovo's remote past is not well explored. There are not stories or legends that have been preserved. Today's town is a relatively new one. It originated on the banks of Stara reka right after the Ottoman invasion in Bulgaria, as an administrative center of the local Turkish Feudal lords. The village was named Karlovo after the local Turkish feudal lord. The beginning of the 19 th century for Karlovo was a time of rapid economic boom, cultural uplift and revolutionary ardour. Hundreds of clockworks and watermills were working near to the Stara Reka River. Rich merchants bought the production of the skilful master coppersmiths, goldsmiths, tailors and leather - workers and traded with Egypt, Albania, Romania, Vienna. Karlovo became a big and bustling village with a formed center, town clock and pleasant houses.The Russian - Turkish War of Liberation put end to the wealthy life in the town. In 1877 Karlovo was plundered and set on fire. 814 people were slaughtered, and most of the survivors ran away in the Balkan Mountain. The town is a birthplace of the teacher Botyo Petkov, father of Hristo Botev, the brothers Evlogy and Hristo Georgievi, Hristo Popvasilev. Also a native of Karlovo is the famous Bulgarian mountaineer Hristo Prodanov - the first Bulgarian who set foot on Mount Everest

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