Page update: 01 January 2000


The small village of Yagodina is situated in the West Rhodope Mountains not far from the border between Bulgaria and Greece. The road to Yagodina runs through the precipitous Buzhnov Gorge, past the mouth of a side-canyon thats great for hiking and caving. Only 2km long and 2-4m wide, the Haidushki dol (Outlaws Ravine) ascends in cascades to its watershed between two peaks connected by a natural rock bridge called the Devils Bridge , after a legend that only he can cross it. The countryside is famous for its more than 120 caves and that is the reason why speleological expeditions are carried out every year.

The Yagodina, is a purely Bulgarian - Muslim village with a smart new mosque. People here are very friendly and you can enjoy the traditional Bulgarian hospitality.