Page update: 01 January 2000

Village of Enina

Enina is a major and clean village in the bottom of the Balkan. It has more than 800 years of history - according to the legend the relics of a Woman Saint were left here for a night in 1271 on their way to Tarnovgrad - the capital of Bulgaria at that time. A church patronized by St. Petka was built on the place where the guardians and ark bivouacked that night. Later on that same place the archaeologists would discover the foundations of an older early Christian building.

Just 5 km from Kazanlak, near to giant water rezervoire for fishing and water sports (the second Hydroelectric power station in Bulgaria is built in the ravine of the river) , ski slope very close, sporting airfields, a spa resort also.

Village of Enina is Ecological region and is part the Valley of the roses.