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KaloferThe town of Kalofer (3991 inhabitants, 600 meters above sea-level) is situated along both banks of Tundja River, between the Balkan and the Sredna Gora Mountains. Above it stands the highest peak in the Balkan range - Botev peak.

The town is located 158 km east of Sofia and 75 km north of Plovdiv.

It is the birthplace of the great Bulgarian poet and revolutionary Hristo Botev.

On this place there were once thick, impassable woods.To the west was the old town Zvanigrad. Due to the strong resistance, the Turks wiped out the town, but the proud defenders remained unconquered. A band of 40 heroes, led by Kalifer voivode, roamed for long throughout the area. The Turks were powerless to deal with the band and so the Sultan gave the voivode permission to settle in the woods. The haidouks kidnapped maids from Sopot, which was famous for its beauties, which is how Kalofer originated.